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Dr. Flynn, Kathy

Title: Science Teacher
Room: N-22 School Phone: 310-533-4352 x7489
About the Teacher:

Environmental Club Advisor

Class Schedule :
Period 0  
Period 1 Honors Biology 
Period 2 Honors Biology
Period 3 Honors Biology
Period 4 CP Biology
Period 5 CP Biology
Period 6 CP Biology


AP Environmental Information
Physical Science of the Earth Information

APES YourWorld Project

Your World Peer Eval
CEO Eval
Board Eval

Study Guides:

APES Chapter 1 Review Questions
APES Chapter 2 Review Questions

APES Review Sheet

APES Review for Exam

APES Year in Review PPT

APES 2011 Free Response Questions

APES 2010 Free Response Questions

APES 2009 Free Response Questions

APES 2008 Free Response Questions

APES 2007 Free Response Questions

APES Exam 1

APES Exam 2

APES Exam 3

APES Exam 4

APES Exam 5




Honors Biology Information
Course Guidelines
Semester Two Study Guide
Study Guides:

Graphing Practice
Scientific Method Control and Variables
Metric Measurement Lab
Brain Activity Article
Identifying Controls and Variables
Plant Lab
Chapter 1

Chapter SG1

Functional Groups
Elements and Macromolecules
Building Monomers and Macromolecules
Biochemistry Review
Properties of Water Lab

Chapter 6
Chapter SG6
Notes on the Cell
Biology Word Puzzles
Cells and Their Organelles
Parts of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
Picture of Animal Cell [Blank]
Picture of Plant Cell [Blank]
Cell Crossword Puzzle
Cell City Analogy

Chapter 3
Chapter SG3
Sodium-Potassium Pump
Osmosis Lab
Cell Membrane Worksheet
Cell Transport Puzzle
Cell Transport Review
Notes on Cell Transport
Gummi Bear Osmosis

Chapter 4
Notes on Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Packet
Mechansim of ATP Synthesis in Chloroplasts
Photosynthesis Review
Photosynthesis Crossword Puzzle
Chlorplast and Mitochondria
Chromatography of Inks
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Chart

Chapter 5
Chapter SG5
Notes on Cellular Respiration
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Packet
Cellular Respiration Puzzle
Cellular Respiration Review

Modeling Products and Reactants of Cellular Respiration and Photsynthesis

Chapter 8
Notes on Cell Cycle and Mitosis
Notes on DNA
Chapter SG8
Cell Cycle and Mitosis
Concept Map Cell Division
Nucleic Acid Worksheet
Nucleic Acid Puzzle
Stages of Mitosis Lab
DNA Code for Insulin

Chapter 12
Chapter SG12

Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis Worksheet
Comparison of Mitosis and Meiosis
Meiosis Flip Book
Notes on Meiosis
Meiosis Questions

Chapter 13
Notes on Mendel
Chapter SG13
Genotype and Phenotype Using One Trait
Practice Crosses

Sponge Bob Genetics
Oompah Loompa Genetics

Reebop Genetics
Constructing a Pedigree
Genetics Practice Problems
Genetics Puzzle
Genetics Review
Mystery at Termond Estates

Chapter 9
Chapter SG9
RNA and Protein Synthesis Notes
Protein Synthesis Packet
DNA and RNA Activity
tRNA and Protein Building Activity
Nucleic Acids Protein Review
Codon Worksheet

Protein Synthesis Puzzle
Chapter 9 Notes

Chapter 17 and 19 and 20
Chapter SG17
Evolution Review
Biochemical Evidence for Evolution
Survival of the Fittest

Chapter 18
Classification Review

Chapter 24 and 25
Food Chains and Webs
Ecology Review
Food Web Construction
Predator Prey Lab
Random Sampling Lab

Chapter 23
Bacteria and Virus Review
How HIV Infects Cells
Virus Crossword Puzzle
Bacteria Crossword Puzzle
Viruses and Bacteria Packet
The Regional Spread of Disease-Causing

Chapter 21

The Brain and Nerve Cell
Nervous System Worksheet
How Fast Can You React To A Stimulus

Biology Articles

Chapter One

Brain Naturally Follow Scientific Method

Chapter Two

Follow The Elements' To Understand Evolution In Ancient Oceans
From Toxicity to Life: Arssenic Proves to be a Building Block

Chapter Three

Cells That Read Minds
How Human Cells Get Their Marching Orders
How Muscle Cells Seal Their Membranes
Discovery of Machinery Regulating Vesicle Traffic

Chapter Four

Water Management in Cells
Sea Skate Experiment Sheds Light on Human Cell Transport
Simple Model Cell is Key to Understanding Cell Complexity

Chapter Five

Source of Half of Earth's Oxygen Gets Little Credit
Lactic Acid is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel
Scientists Unlock Mystery in Important Photosynthesis Step
The Origin of Photosynthesis Revealed
Focus on Photosynthesis

Chapter Six

Slicing Chromosomes Leads to New Insights Into Cell Division
New Key Mechanism in Cell Division Discovered

Chapter Seven

Chromosomes Dance and pair Up on the Nuclear Membrane
One Biology Question Solved
Scientist Discover Tool that Uncrosses Chromosomes

Chapter Eight

Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story
Gene Study Identifies 5 Main Human Populations, Linking Them to Geography
Saving Wildlife with Forensics Genetics
Lifestyle Affects Life Expectancy More Than Genetics

Chapter Nine

Molecular Stucture of Nucleic Acids
ANU Scientists Crack DNA Replication Mystery
Not By DNA Alone: How the Epigenetics Revolution is Fostering New Medicines
DNA Replication Protein Also Has a Role in Mitosis, Cancer

Chapter Ten

New Laboratory Test Assesses How DNA Damage Affects Protein Synthesis
Loop the Loop, DNA Style: One Or Two-Way Transcription Depends On Gene Loops
Coming Soon - Protein Synthesis Without Amino Acids?
New Understanding of Protein's Role in Brain
How Actin-Binding Protein Interact with the Cytoskeleton to Determine Morphology of Yeasts

Chapter Twelve and Thirteen

Catching Evolution in Action
New Study Supports Idea That Primates, Dinosaurs Coexisted

Chapter Sixteen and Seventeen

How Sea Otters Can Reduce Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere: Appetie for Sea Urchins Allow Kelp to Survive

Chapter Twenty and Forty

Discovering the Virus Responsible for Hepatitis C
Deadly Bacteria May Mimic Human Proteins to Evolve Antibiotic Resistance 
Viruses Could Be the Key to Healthy Corals
A 24 Karat Key to Unlock the Immune System
HIV-Infected T Cells Help Transport the Virus Throughout the Body
Decade-Long Study Reveals Recurring Patterns of Viruses in the Open Ocean
Viruses with Integrated Gene Switch

Chapter Forty-One

Alcohol's Effects on Gene Expression in the Central Nervous System
Researchers Disprove 15-year Old Theory About the Nervous System

Fourth Quarter Activities

A Can of Bull Do Energy Drinks Really Provide a Source of Energy
Exploring Myths and Facts Surrounding Sports Drinks
Carbohydrate Consumption, Atheletic Performance and Health
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Molecular Biology of Mutations and Muscular Dystrophy
Should You Drink Sports Drinks
Lion King Review
Lion King Ecosystem Hunt
Finding Nemo Questions

Moot Court

Scopes Trial Questions

Debate Topics

Topic One






Biology Information





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